4.6 - 4.12

Athletes -

We had an outstanding 2015 CrossFit Open season – we saw a ton a PRs, many "firsts" and, most importantly, an electric, palpable energy in both Bay Ridge and on Staten Island. Congratulations to everyone who participated! Now, it's time to get to work! Our coaching staff has been hard at work and is eager to make YOU, our athletes, the best you can be!

During the next few weeks, we will be breaking down every movement in earnest and drilling perfect movement patterns in every class. It is never too early, nor too late, to establish good habits.

After we focus on form, form and more form throughout April, we will begin the Jim Wendler  5/3/1 strength cycle on May 4th.

This cycle focuses on the four main power lifts. The back squat, dead lift , bench press and strict press. The 5/3/1 program utilizes your one rep max to determine the proper load you should be lifting during each session. It's one of our favorite strength programs because every athlete – from beginner to regionals hopeful – will benefit, significantly, from it.

Do not be confused. A strength cycle provides just that, strength. This is not about getting "big." This is not about throwing weight around because it looks cool. This is about building, lean, ass-kicking muscle tissue that will make you a better athlete and CrossFitter. Period.

Throughout April we will spend time acclimating to each of these lifts and will be testing our maxes at the end of the month.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the BRCF/UNBTN community and, remember: THESE ARE YOUR GYMS! We want to provide you with anything and everything you need to succeed. If you have feedback for us on our coaches, the programming, the gym, or literally anything on your mind, let us know. We are here for YOU.

- The BRCF / UNBTN Coaches




Back Squat 5-4-3

Bench Press 5-4-3

Work up to a moderate load . Focus on Quality



3 Minute AMRAP

Wall Ball 20/14

Rest 2 Minutes

2 Minute AMRAP

Box Jumps 24/20

Rest 3 Minutes

1 Minute AMRAP

Thrusters 135/95





Dead Lift 5-4-3

Work up to a moderate load . Focus on Quality



5 Rounds

6 Toe Tip Muscle up progressions

5 Dips

5 Burpees


8 Rounds with a 1:2 Work to rest ratio between each round

If possible perform ALL STRICT

10 Hand Stand Pushups

3 Muscle ups





6 Super sets

5 Bent over rows at a challenging weight

10 Ring rows


6 Rounds

All rounds must be unbroken

3 Weighted Pullups

5 Strict Pullups

7 Kipping


3 Rounds for time

20 Chest to Bar Pullups

25 Pushups

30 Weighted Situps 20/14



8 Minute EMOTM

ODD -3 Back squats at a heavy load

EVEN- 15 Box jumps 24/20

Rest 3 Minutes

20 Hand Stand Pushups at RX depth (25 lb plate )

Rest 60 Seconds

20 Hand Stand Pushups at deficit ( 45lb plate )

Rest 60 Seconds

20 Hand Stand Pushups at a greater deficit  ( two 45lb plates )




10 Minute EMOTM

Perform 3 Slow and controlled Pullup negatives


10 Minute EMOTM

5 Chest to Bar Pullps with a 3 second hold up top

All 5 reps must be unbroken


Teams of 2

One athlete works at a time

1-10 Strict Pull ups

When you each finish the round of 10 go back down from 10-1 with Toes to Bar