2.22 - 2.28

Happy Open Week! On Thursday, Dave Castro, director of the CrossFit Games, will release the first workout of the 2016 CrossFit Games Open, which will begin a 5-week test of our fitness. We will be doing the Open WOD in our programming at both gyms this week. Saturday will be BRCF. Friday will be UNBTN. You are also welcome to complete the workout during open gym hours. While the CrossFit Open is inherently “competitive,” only a few athletes from each region are vying for an invitation to the regional competition. If that’s something you are looking for, we will cheer you through every single rep during the Open. If that’s not for you, we will cheer you through every single rep during the Open.

From our perspective, the Open is not about the leaderboard. It is not about doing better than someone else or better than another gym. It’s about empowering each and every one of our athletes, from both BRCF and UNBTN – our second families – to find and embrace the athletes within each of you. You have all the tools you need to succeed. Whether you choose the scaled division, Rx division, first-responder division, masters, or teen, we will see that during each and every workout, you feel like an absolute rock star.

Our programming this week revolves around the Open. That is not to say we will be pulling it back or making it “easy” for you. Remember, you are athletes and CrossFit has empowered you to be ready for any workout at any time. Think about that. You are ready for anything that comes your way. That’s awesome.

This week, we will continue to make a push on drilling the skills we anticipate will be part of the Open. Your strength programming will continue to challenge you. Your metcons will still leave you breathing fire. That said, if you are prioritizing the Open WOD, put yourself in a position to succeed during the workout. If you are battling some fatigue or soreness, spend some time doing active recovery before and after workouts this week. When the clock counts down “3…2…1” during your Open WOD, we want you to feel 100% confident that all of your hard work over the past few months will deliver. We can’t wait. Let’s do this!

Quote of the Week: “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”


RP Nutrition Template = Light

With a running clock:

2016 CrossFit Open Skill Session

0:00 – 3:00


Level A: 10 burpee box jumps
Level B: 8 burpee box jumps
Level C: 8 burpee box jumps
Lite: 10 alternating box step ups

5:00 – 8:00


Level A: 14 wall balls
Level B: 12 wall balls
Level C: 12 wall balls
Lite: 10 wall balls

(Clock continues to run)

2016 CrossFit Open Strength Work

14:00 – 18:00

Level A: 5 touch and go deadlifts (315/205)
Level B: 5 touch and go deadlifts (205/155)
Level C: 5 touch and go deadlifts (155/115)
Lite: 5 deadlifts (pick weight with a coach)

(Clock continues to run)

2016 CrossFit Open Conditioning

26:00 – 33:00

7 min AMRAP

5 power cleans
10 box jumps
15 wall balls

Level A: 185/125 + T2B + 20/14 to 10’ and 9’
Level B: 135/95 + Knees to Elbows + 20/14 to 10’ and 9’
Level C: 95/65 + Knees up + 14/10 to 9’
Lite: med ball cleans + sit-ups + 10 to 9’

Two scores associated with this workout

1 – Total Reps during skill + strength session
2 – AMRAP score




RP Nutrition Template = Light

2016 CrossFit Open Strength + Skill Work

(With a running clock)

0:00 – 3:00


Level A – 8 Overhead Squats (95/65)
Level B – 8 Overhead Squats (75/55)
Level C – 8 Overhead Squats (65/45)
Lite – 10 PVC or training bar Overhead squats

(clock continues to run)

5:00 – 8:00

Level A – 10 alternating Rx pistols
Level B – 10 Rx or scaled alternating pistols
Level C – 10 scaled alternating pistols
Lite – 10 air squats

At the 15 minute mark begin:

2016 CrossFit Open Conditioning

For time

50 calorie row
10 Overhead Squats
30 calorie row
10 Overhead Squats
10 calorie row
Max Unbroken Overhead Squats

Level A: 95/65
Level B: 75/55
Level C: 65/45
Lite: PVC or training bar

Three scores in this workout

1 – Total OHS + pistols in the skill + strength session
2 – Total time in the AMRAP (when the final unbroken OHS is done)
3 – Total unbroken OHS in the final set


RP Nutrition Template = Light

2016 CrossFit Open Strength

Back Squat 5x5 at 65% of 1RM

2016 CrossFit Open Conditioning

8 min AMRAP

3 Power Cleans
9 box jump overs

Level A: 155/105 + open standard HSPU + 24/20
Level B: 135/95 + scaled HSPU + 24/20
Level C: 95/65 + scaled HSPU or deficit plate pushups + 20
Lite: 65/45 + scaled pushups + box step overs

AMRAP score (rounds plus reps in this workout)


RP Nutrition Template = Light

(CrossFit Games Open Workout 1 Announcement Tonight! Come to the gym to watch the announcement)

2016 CrossFit Open Conditioning

Partner Up!

For time

Accumulate 100 bodyweight jumping alternating 1 for 1 lunges as a team. Switch as needed.


6 Rounds for time

5 over the bar burpees
7 hang power snatch
9 pull-ups

Partners alternate movements (Missy does burpees, alex does hang power snatch, missy does pull-ups etc)

Level A: 115/75
Level B: 95/65
Level C: 75/45
Lite: PVC/ empty barbell/ choose weight with coach


RP Nutrition Template = Non-weight training day for BRCF or light if doing the Open WOD

BRCF, treat this as an active recovery day. Game plan for the released Open WOD. Avoid heavy strength sessions today.


2016 CrossFit Open Week 1 workout. Set the standard for our gyms!


RP Nutrition Template = Light

*****BRCF***** 2016 CrossFit Open Week 1 workout. Crush the standard for our gyms!


Open Gym 8am – 12pm


RP Nutrition Template = Light

“Annie ”
50 Double Unders / Single Unders
50 Abmat sit-ups
40 Double Unders / Single Unders
40 Abmat sit-ups
30 Double Unders / Single Unders
30 Abmat sit-ups
20 Double Unders / Single Unders
20 Abmat sit-ups
10 Double Unders / Single Unders
10 Abmat sit-ups



Synchronized Grace – Partner A cleans the bar into a front rack position. When front rack position is achieved, Partner A holds the rack position and Partner B performs the jerk. 1 rep for the team is complete when the jerk from Partner B is locked out overhead. Switch as needed. Reps must be synchronized. The workout ends when 30 reps as a team have been completed.

Level A: 135/95
Level B: 95/65
Lite: Training bar

Level A: 150/105
Level B: 135 /95
Level C: 95 / 65
Lite: Training bar