3.21 - 3.27

You are now one workout away from completing the 2016 CrossFit Games Open! Congrats on getting this far. 16.4 was a challenging workout. Cheers to all of our athletes who completed 16.4.  

A big congratulations goes out to all the athletes who ran in the NYC Half Marathon this weekend and to those who competed at the Whippany powerlifting meet in New Jersey on Sunday. Three of our athletes qualified for raw nationals in Atlanta! What a well-rounded group of athletes we have! Well done.

We are fully expecting to hit the legs hard in 16.5 so our training this week is front loaded with leg work with a slight taper off as we approach the end of the week.

So, who is ready for some post-open strength work and some extra muscle?! A new strength cycle begins after the Open. Get your popcorn ready! But not if you are on RP. Get your casein ready. (And measure it properly…)

If you’ve yet to sign up for “Flex in the City” on April 17th and would still like to be on a team, please contact a coach as soon as possible.

Quote of the Week:Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”


RP Nutrition Template = Light


Box Jumps
KB Swings

*For Time*

Level A: 96/65, 24/20, 2pd/ 1.5pd
Level B: 65/45, 20, 1.5pd / 1pd
Lite: pick weight with coach, box step ups


RP Nutrition Template = Light

2016 CrossFit Open Strength / Flex in the City Prep

In 12 minutes, establish a heavy complex of:

1 clean, bar starts on the floor
1 front squat
1 hang clean

*Athlete must hold the bar for each part of the complex. Power or squat cleans are allowed

Rest 3 mins then

2016 CrossFit Open Conditioning

5 hang squat cleans at the weight you hit in the complex
50 double unders / single unders
50 ab mat situps
4 hang squat cleans at the weight you hit in the complex
40 double unders / single unders
40 ab mat situps
3 hang squat cleans at the weight you hit in the complex
30 double unders / single unders
30 ab mat situps
2 hang squat cleans at the weight you hit in the complex
20 double unders / single unders
20 ab mat situps
1 hang squat clean at the weight you hit in the complex
10 double unders / single unders
10 ab mat situps


RP Nutrition Template = Light

2016 CrossFit Open Conditioning

Mins 0-5: Run 800 meters, then AMRAP TTB / Tuck crunches
Mins 5-6: Rest
Mins 6-10: Run 600 meters, then AMRAP Hand Release Pushups / pushups on knees
Mins 10-11: Rest
Mins 11-14: Run 400 meters, then as many feet as possible of handstand walk / bear crawl
Mins 14-15: Rest
Mins 15-17: Run 200 meters, then AMRAP C2B pullups / jumping C2B pullups
Mins 17-18: Rest
Mins 18-19: Run 100 meters, then AMRAP ring muscle ups / box dips

Score in this workout is total AMRAP reps. Scale the run so that you get at least one rep/foot in every single round.


RP Nutrition Template = Light

(CrossFit Games Open Workout 5 Announcement at 8pm Tonight! Come to the gym to watch the announcement)

Partner Up!

As a team complete
3,000 meter row
100 plate ground to overhead
100 burpees
While partner A rows, partner B can start chipping away at the plate ground to overhead and burpees. Both partners are always working at the same time. Switch as needed. Do the ground to overhead and burpees in any order you wish.

Level A: 45/25
Level B: 25/15
Lite: 10


RP Nutrition Template = Non-weight training day for BRCF or light if doing the Open WOD

BRCF, treat this as an active recovery day. Game plan for the released Open WOD. Avoid heavy strength sessions today.


2016 CrossFit Open Week 5 workout. Set the standard for our gyms!


RP Nutrition Template = Light

*****BRCF***** 2016 CrossFit Open Week 5 workout. Crush the standard for our gyms!


Open Gym 8am – 12pm


RP Nutrition Template = Light

Active Recovery WOD

EMOTM for 16 minutes

4 rounds of:

Minute 1 - :40 pushups / :20 rest
Minute 2 - :40 tuck crunches / :20 rest
Minute 3 - :40 empty bar OHS / :20 rest
Minute 4 - :40 bar hang / :20 rest