5.16 - 5.22

How much do you want it?

That’s the question we will be asking you during Every. Single. Workout. this week. In each workout, there is a second “tier” to the training day, but you have to EARN it.

Within every training session this week, Rx and scaled athletes will have the opportunity to earn their place as an athlete that “wants it.”  These workouts will not only test your grit and heart, but also how well you know yourself as an athlete. Only athletes that push themselves to their edges AND scale appropriately will be rewarded with a second tier of the workout.

So, let’s get to it. Who wants it this week?

Quote of the Week: “How much do you want it?”


RP Nutrition Template = Light

(Add 5 pounds to the bench press from last week)

Bench Press superset with Strict Pullups (take 10 seconds rest between movements and 2-3 minutes between sets)

3 sets of 6-8 reps bench press + 8-10 reps strict pullups

Find a weight where you are not failing at any point during the bench press and are not kipping during the pullups.


In 11 minutes, complete 3 rounds of:

400m run
15 T2B
10 Front Squats from the ground (155/105)

**If performing Rx: In the remaining time, if the above is completed in less than 11 minutes, perform max rep clean and jerks at 155/105 until time expires.)

**If scaling: In the remaining time, if the above is completed in less than 11 minutes, perform max rep burpees until time expires.)

Two scores in this workout

1 – Time completing the 3 rounds (or total number of reps completed in the sequence - the 400m run counts as 1 rep)
2 Total clean and jerks or total burpees (Score is zero if 3 rounds of run, T2B and FS are not completed.)


RP Nutrition Template = Light

Spend 20 minutes establishing a heavy complex for the day of:

2 Hang Clean – 1 Push Jerk – 1 Hang Clean


In 9 mins, complete 4 rounds of:

9 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
7 HSPU or 9 Hand Release Pushups
5 Power Cleans (135/95)
3 Bar Muscle Ups or 5 ring dips

If you complete 4 rounds of the above in 9 minutes, rest until the 11 minute mark, then:

3 minute AMRAP

Rx = Max bar muscle ups
Scaled = Max Ring Dips


RP Nutrition Template = Light


Back Squat

Level A: 8x2 @ 80% (plus 5 pounds if you completed last week’s rep scheme and weight in full)
Level B: 8x2 @ 80% % (subtract 5 pounds if you DID NOT complete last week in full)
Level C: 5x5


In 9 minutes, row for max meters  

On the even minutes, starting at minute 2, perform 6 wall balls.

Rx: 20#/14#

At the 9 minute mark if your score is:

2,000 / 1,750 or greater = 4 attempts at max distance handstand walk
1,749 / 1,500 or greater = 2 max effort handstand holds against a wall
1,499 / 1,250 or greater = 1 max effort handstand hold against a wall


RP Nutrition Template = Light

Barbell Complex

EMOTM for 8 minutes

1 Hang Snatch + 1 Snatch (same weight across)


Part 1

100-80-60-40-20 - Double Unders

10-8-6-4-2 - OHS 115/75

**Every time you break on the jump rope, subtract an overhead squat from the corresponding set. For example, if you trip 3 times in the round of 100 DUs, complete only 7 OHS. DUs will scale 2 for 1 on single unders today. Same break rules apply. Every time you trip, remove an OHS.**

Your score in this first part of this workout is the total number of OHS you complete.

Part 2

24 or more OHS in part 1 = 3 min AMRAP ring MUs
20 or more OHS in part 1 = 2 min AMRAP pullups
19 or fewer OHS in part 1 = 2 min AMRAP burpees

Score is total reps.


Open Gym


RP Nutrition Template = Light


Part A: Speed Clean Ladder (Cheer each other on and help load and unload weights. Ladies will go first, single file. Only 45# bars will be used in this ladder.)

In 60 seconds, work your way as fast as you can through the following, performing a clean (power or squat) at each station:

Females: 45, 65, 75, 95, 105, 115, 125, and 145
Males: 75, 95, 115, 135, 155, 185, 205, and 225

Part B:

10 min AMRAP using the weight you finished the clean ladder at:

1 clean
3 deadlift
5 burpees over the bar
200m run


Partner Up

Teams of 2 on a running clock

0-5 Minutes: 800m run + Max Clean and Jerk (135/95) in remaining time
5-7 Minutes: Rest
7-12 Minute: 800 meter run + Max Power Snatch (115/75) in remaining time
12-14 Minutes: Rest
14-17 Minutes: 400 Meter Run + Max Thrusters (95/65) in remaining time

Run as a team. Split barbell work as needed. Score is total barbell reps completed as a team. Scale run distance as necessary so at least 10 reps are completed for each barbell movement.