10.29 - 11.4


Remember the t-shirt brand “NO FEAR” ?

If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s you may have come across them: Bold statements regarding a sport and how hard-nosed you were about it, all with the “NO FEAR” slogan staring people in the face.

I haven’t known many people without fear. I’ve known a few people who masked their fear with recklessness in order to appear fearless. They don’t last and their actions don’t inspire, motivate or embolden.

Fear is always with us.

Accept it.

The sooner you see fear as a body part that HAD TO BE THERE regardless of its good looks or helpfulness in a given situation, the better you’ll be.

Fear is primal.

Fear is useful.

Most of all fear is both quieted and encouraged by you, yourself, alone.

Accept it, allow it residence in your life the way you ‘allow’ that birthmark on your arm or the shape of your eyes. It is what it is.

However, the funny thing about Fear is the less you obsess about it, feed it, and empower it - The lesser and lesser its effects on your life. Its as if just by letting it ‘IN’ you’ve stripped it of its ‘Powers.’

So the next time you aren’t sure if you should go for that heavy set of 5…the next time you want to partner up with that super strong lady who’s got pull-ups!…the next time you are afraid to ask a question etc etc etc

Let the fear in. It was going to be there anyway.

But now its on your terms: “Come in, sit down in the corner, shut up.”

Then … and only then … will you begin to rise above your own bullshit and see what you’ve really got.

And that’s really what we’re all here for anyway, isn’t it?



Every 2 min for 8 rounds 
12 DB Bench
12 Hang PC 115/75


Pause Back Squat (1 sec pause)
6x2 build off last week

Min 1: max KBS (53/35)
Min 2: max box jump overs
Min 3: rest

Cash out
Weighted planks 
1min on x 1 min off w/ partner


Every 3 min x 10 rounds
10/8 cal bike
10/8 cal Row
3 deadlifts ( climbing to a heavy triple)

Cash out
Partner 800m farmer carry 
Single arm(70/53)


Push press 
85x5 /90x3 /95x1 /100% x max reps


15 low hang power snatch


15 reverse curl

all done empty bar !!!*


Foot Elevated Lunge 

2 rounds partner
50 Hang Clean (95/65)
50 Front squats
50 s2oh


35 min cap

3 rounds
30 TTB
40 wall balls
30 sandbag squats

70/50 cal bike/row

2 rounds
30 TTB 
40 wall balls
20 sandbag Cleans 

70/50 cal

1 round
30 ttb
40 wall balls
100m sand bag carry


30 min running clock

Pick a piece of cardio (bike,row, run) and move

Every 3 min that passes
30 DU
15 Sit ups
(10 rounds total)