2.12 - 2.18

It’ll be red vs. blue in the 2018 CrossFit Open battle for bragging right at Unbeaten CrossFit’s Friday Night Lights! Let’s get excited. We are now just a little more than a week away from the 2018 Open season and everything you’ve been preparing for!
(If you would like to be added to a team and have yet to sign up, please see a coach ASAP and we’ll make sure you are added to a roster.)
Happy Valentine’s Day to all Unbeaten athletes. We appreciate you and all the work you put in to make Unbeaten one of the best athlete communities in the city!

Homework for the Week: Spend a few minutes getting to know someone at the gym this week you don’t know very well asking a simple 2-part question: “How is your training going?" “What are you pushing toward?” Everyone you encounter in life can teach you something. Let’s enjoy and embrace how awesome our community is!
As a bonus piece of homework, spend some time watching the winter Olympics and take in the fact that just like the athletes you see on TV, you are strong, committed, disciplined and focused. We have a lot more in common with these athletes than you might think!
Quote of the Week: “Be willing to wake up and be a beginner every single morning.”
A Look inside the program
What you’ve completed so far this season: Open Prep; 2017 CrossFit Open; Strength Diagnostic Week; 3 Post-Open Strength Cycles
Where you are right now: 2018 Open Prep
Where you are going: 2018 CrossFit Open; post-Open strength cycle

RP Nutrition Template = Light
Open Work Capacity
4 Rounds (no score for this one)
5 Unbroken Power Snatches (athlete chooses weight – try to increase weight between rounds)
8 Bar Facing Burpees
Rest 1:30 between rounds
For Time:

“Hiccup Annie”
50-40- 30-20- 10
Double Unders
Abmat Situps
EMOTM starting at the 2-minute mark, complete 5 burpees.
**15 min time cap**

RP Nutrition Template = Light
Front Squat
5-4- 3-2- 1
(The single rep does NOT have to be a 1RM, nor do you have to make the single rep your focus. If you
want to go hard at the 3 rep portion, make that you primary “set.” If you want to stick at the same
weight throughout and move quickly between sets, do that. Make this YOUR workout today. Have fun
with it. Cheer each other on.
Conditioning, Part 1
5 min time cap
64 Russian KB Swings (70/53)
32 Box Jumps (30/24)
Rest 5 minutes as a class, then:
Conditioning, Part 2
8 min AMRAP
9 Deadlifts (185/125)
12 Burpee Box Jumps (20 inches for everyone)
16 Alternating DB Snatches (50/35)

RP Nutrition Template = Light

Back Squat
Build over 4-5 sets to a heavy single for the day.
Then 5x1 @ 90% of the heavy single you just completed
As you build up, do not hit 1 rep until the final set. Warmup sets should jump an appropriate amount of
weight at 1-2 reps per warmup set. Do not fail on the main set.
Gymnastics Conditioning
Muscle Ups / Strict Pull-Ups / Strict Banded Pullups
4 Sets of 50% of Your Max Set (i.e. – if you can do 10 MUs, complete 4 sets of 5.)
Rest 2-3 minutes between sets
Mental Conditioning
Complete 1 set of max rep Wall Balls at one weight tier lower than you’d normal go. For Rx men, this
would be a 14-pound ball. For Rx women, this would be a 10-pound ball. Aim to complete 50 reps or
more without breaking. If you are able to complete 150 reps, stop there.

RP Nutrition Template = Light
Skill Work
Spend 20 minutes working on pistols / pistol scaling with the help of our coaches. If you already have 10
or more unbroken alternating pistols and this a strength for you, practice doing pistols while holding a
single KB in the front rack position. Practice holding the KB on both sides.
5 Rounds for Time
15/12 Calorie Bike
9 Sandbag Tosses over the Shoulder
6 Strict HSPUs

Open Gym / Rest Day

RP Nutrition Template = Light

Build over 4-5 sets to a heavy single rep for the day.
Then 5x1 @ 90 of the single rep just completed
As you build up, do not hit 1 rep until the final set. Warmup sets should jump an appropriate amount of
weight at 1-2 reps per warmup set. Do not fail on the main set.
5 Rounds for Quality
10 T2B
50′ Handstand Walk or 20 shoulder taps
(To scale today, complete shoulder taps using a box.)

RP Nutrition Template = Light
2,000m / 1,600m row for time
Record that time and rest for 5 minutes. Then, counting down from the time it took you to complete the
2,000m row:
X min and Y Second AMRAP
5 Squat Clean Thrusters (95/65)
7 Pullups
9 Bar Facing Burpees
Two scores in this workout
1) Row time
2) Total AMRAP reps