7.23 - 7.29


What we are saying (or not saying) to ourselves before, during and after our training session is affecting our performance.    In the beginning - just NOTICING that we are, in fact, speaking to ourselves and commenting on our performance is a step in the right direction. 

Once we notice our self-talk happening, we can begin to edit it. 

Focus on the things we can control in the moment: our breathing, repeating the cues the coach gave regarding that specific movement, rep counts etc.

AVOID commenting on things like: what you ate last night, the perceived effects of missed training sessions,  frustration with a missed rep, your IMMEDIATE level of DISCOMFORT etc

Like every other aspect of our training - we will get better at it through CONSISTENT PRACTICe.  Get the reps in and you'll see the results quickly.  Self-talk isn't a magic pill.  However, when used effectively, it becomes an invaluable asset to our overall training practice and extends beyond the gym into the rest of our day to day life...which is what we are training for in the first place, right?


Weekly Challenge- Notice the narrative...the "story" that you tell yourself about the way you look, perform day to day.  Is what you're saying rooted in the past, the future or the present?  Try to focus on the present by using cues given by the coach, counting reps, and focusing on your breathing.  See if this changes your training session.




Quote of the Week - “No level of obstacle can prevail in crippling a mind that's continuously fed with positive self-talk.”

A Look inside the program

What you’ve completed so far this season: 2018 Open Prep; 2018 CrossFit Open, 
First Post-Open Strength Cycle

Where you are right now: Functional Hypertrophy Cycle





3 Rounds for Quality


Single Arm High Pull x10

Single Arm Press x10

Overhead Carryx 50m

:30 Hollow Rock




Bench Press @ BW (.7 for ladies)

BANDED Strict Pull up 

200m Run After each set

*sell the bands today. Ego will come into play when asked to use a band explain that

its about the "pump" and time under tension. Every set wants to be done as close to unbroken as possible* 


Rest 5 min directly into


*Cash Out*

3 sets 21 Single Arm Hammer curls

Superset w/ Max Banded Tricep Extension




Back Squat (20 rep max)


We are going to take a few weeks off of the  usual strength program to build some size and leg endurance. To do this RIGHT, you need to take about 10-12min. to build up to a HEAVY 1-2 rep squat... Then, you get only 1 shot at a 20 rep max. Choose wisely. You should feel as though you are going to fail at rep 14. This should be one the hardest things you do in this gym. For most people you will be using around 75-80% of your 1RM. Women can do upward of 80-90% usually.




15min. EMOM:

Min. 1) 15/12 Cal Assault Bike/Row

Min. 2) 15 TTB / 20 Sit-ups

Min. 3) 5 Front Squats (from the ground) 155/105




Time to have some FUN today! You and a partner get as far as possible in 35min... Or maybe finish?


3 Rounds:

42 Wall Balls 20/14

30 Alt. DB Snatch 50/35

18 Burpees


4 Rounds:

20 DB Power Cleans 50/35

20 DB Bent Rows


5 Rounds:

20 Calories, Rower or Assault Bike

100 Double Under


*No rest in between sections. I think some of you can finish this. Only 1 person works at a time. Teams of 2.




Squat Snatch 

20min. clock to hit 5 Sets of 2 reps at 70-80% effort.

No failed reps. Working on form, speed, and getting under the bar.




Hang Clean And Jerk 

15min clock to hit 5 Sets of 2 reps at 70-80% effort.

No failed reps. Working on form, speed, and getting under the bar.



1000m Row (Time)

Max Effort 1000m Row




Linchpin Test 8


3 Rounds for time of:

  • 21 Deadlifts 185/135
  • 7 Overhead Squats 185/135

*One barbell, no rack






Against a 20min. Running Clock...

120 KB Snatches (right arms only) 53/35

120 Burpees

120 KB Snatches (left arms only)

120 Wall Balls (30/20)

Max 10 Cal intervals of your choice in reaming time.


Rest 3min.


Against a 10min. Running Clock...

60 Single Arm KB OH Lunges (right only)

60 Burpees

60 Single Arm KB OH Lunges (left only)

60 Wall Balls 30/20

Max 10 Cal intervals of your choice in reaming time.

"If' you get to the cardio portion for each section, you may choose between a bike, or row #GodSpeed




3 Rounds For Time:

1,000 meter Row

100 Double-Unders

400m KB Farmer Carry 53/35s


*This farmer carry has to be difficult to match the 1 mile run of the classic triple 3. Make sure you do not go too light. You will be holding 2 KBs today.

Durability Work (when you're done):

100 Russian Twists with a 50/30lb DB

*Holding it vertical at the base and pausing for 1sec. at the bottom of each rep. No touch and go reps and your feet must be up.