7.9 - 7.15

Congratulations to everyone who PR'd last week in our 1 Rep Maxes!  The ability to stay the course and trust the process is not as common as one may think.  Throughout this entire strength cycle the UNBTN membership proved their resilience and simply kept walking through the door, week in and week out.  Show up.  That's it.  Just. Keep. Showing. Up.  The work will get done and the focus will be on the step in front of us.  Results tend to 'Happen" when we move this way as a community.


This week we begin to introduce some new movements to the UNBTN training regimen.  As always, approach your workouts looking to perform the movements WELL, then with intensity.  This is how we will make our bodies change.  This is how we will arrive at a new place in our fitness journey. 


Weekly Challenge- Identify the limiting factor in your day to day that prevents you from just 'showing up' and remove it/work around it for 3 days.  See if you can create a new scenario for yourself by editing your routine.


Quote of the Week - "Seventy percent of success in life is showing up."

A Look inside the program

What you’ve completed so far this season: 2018 Open Prep; 2018 CrossFit Open,
First Post-Open Strength Cycle

Where you are right now: Functional Hypertrophy Cycle

Where you are going 2018 Summer






For Time:

15 Clean and Jerks 135/95

1 Mile run

15 Clean and Jerks 185/125

I want this to feel like your strength work today, so make sure that weight is challenging. RX numbers should be 50% of 1RM on the first 15 reps and 70% of 1RM on the 2nd set.


*CAP is 18min. You should NOT be done in 10min. That means your weight is too light. If you want to lift lighter, then consider doing 30 reps instead.


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds:

20 Russian KB Swings 70/53

20 Push Press 75/55lbs.

*This is a BURNER :)

*DO NOT drop 10 or 15lb above the waist!




Every 4min. x 3 Rounds:

5 Front Squats (40/50/60%)

2min. Cals on the Rower


You may share racks or clean it off the floor if your numbers aren't that high. Try and hit this at 90%+ effort!


Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

15min. AMRAP:

8 OH Walking Lunges 95#/65#

8 Lateral Burpees Over The bar

8 OH Walking Lunges 95#/65#

8 Toes-To-Bar

This is a version of the 16.1 open workout. When doing those OH Lunges, I personally think that is important to have a slightly closer grip than your snatch grip. It gives you more support and balance during the lunge. I also recommend stepping back versus forward on the lunges.




"Chief CHALK"


3min. Amrap:

3 Snatches @50%

6 Push-Ups

9 Air Squats


REST 2min.  X 5 Rounds


Round 2 is 3 reps at 60%

Round 3 is 2 reps at 70%

Round 4 is 2 reps at 80%

Round 5 is 1 rep at 90%


Put your weights in the comments so people can see what you used. This is going to be a FUN one :)




3 Rounds:

200m Single Arm Farmer Carry 70/53 KB

immediately into;

1min. Plank

Repeat with NO rest.


15min EMOM

Min 1) 5 SandBag Cleans

Min 2) 50 DU

Min 3) 20 sit ups





4 Rounds for time of:

  • 21 Wallballs 20/14
  • 18 Pull-ups
  • 15 Kettle Bell Swings 53/35
  • 12 Handstand Push-ups





.at the 0:00 with a Partner


20 Cal Row

30 Russian KB Swings 70/53


...at the 10:00


20 Cal Assault Bike

30 SDHP's 95/65


...at the 20:00


30 Cal Assault Bike

20 Front Rack Lunges 95/65


...at the 30:00


30 Cal Row

20 Bench Press 115/75


*Go HAM on each section if you want the most out of this. You get 2min. of rest, earn it... Everyone will be on different sections to make the bench work. Let's just set up each bench station before the WOD starts and leave that bar there the whole time. Then setup a different bar for your Sumos and lunges. We can all swap weights out during the 2min.


Sunday MASH


10 min to complete


Double Unders 

Sit ups


Rest 3 min


10 min to complete

3 rounds

100m Single arm OH carry

21 Wall Ball

12 Pull ups