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Why Unbeaten CrossFit?


Fitness can be defined as the ability to do more work, faster.  It is here, the crossroads between ‘Work’ and ‘Speed,’ that UNBEATEN CrossFit members begin achieving their goals.  By entering our UNBEATEN CrossFit Programming you are exposed to a combination of training methods focused on:

  • Increasing Lean Muscle Mass

  • Reducing body fat

  • Increasing Cardio-Respiratory Endurance.

  We want you to be Strong, Fast and Tough.  

At UNBEATEN CrossFit we pride ourselves on Coaching.  Our staff is knowledgable and experienced.  Having coached all types of athletes from the elite ranks to high schoolers and everyone in between, we at UCF know what it takes to reach our members so that they get the results they work so hard for.  

Our members are our strength.  Our community is our backbone.  Together, the possibilities are endless.  When you join our gym and walk in for the first time you’ll begin to understand.  As the workout starts and you hear your fellow members saying your name, encouraging you to stay on task, supporting you to be that best version of yourself in the very moment you’d like nothing more than to call it quits … you’ll know … “this is where I belong.”


That’s how you get results.

That’s UNBEATEN CrossFit.

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